So right about now, you’re probably asking yourself should I even bother with starting a blog, do people even read those anymore, or is blogging even still worth it, the short answer to that is yes but there are some things you need to know. In this article, you will know How to Monetize your Blog.

I think its essential for every business owner, I think you should have a website that includes a blog because it’s an evergreen platform that your customers and clients can come to and get value from you. Let’s face it we don’t own these social media platforms and when they decide that they want to change their algorithm or they want to change their usage policies it can affect your business, one day your channel or your social media platform can be booming and the next day engagements down. So I think that having a blog that showcases your expertise and showcases what you can do for your client or just give out resources to your readers is super beneficial.

How to Set up a Blog

Before making money you should know how to set up a blog or a website. Steps to set up a blog:

  • Hosting: It is where your website is stored online. Personal hosting is very essential, which provides fast loading speed, high disk space, and great customer support at a cheap price “BlueHost“.
  • Domain: The name of your website that people use to read your content.
  • Website Builder: I will recommend WordPress for building your website.

And that’s it, you only have to do these three steps to make your blog or a website.

When Should You Start to Monetize Your Blog?

Monetize your Blog

There is no specific time, huge traffic requirement, or a big email list to start making money from your blog as it all depends on your niche and how you serve your traffic.

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However there are two factors when you can start thinking to monetize your blog.

  • Traffic: If you have started getting consistent traffic to your blog like 500 Page Views a day or 1000 Page views a day then it is a good time to start.
  • Email List: If you have a sufficient amount of subscribers on your list like 500 or 1000 subscribers then you can Monetize Your Blog.

After that, you should make a goal how much money you want to make? before you can start to monetize your blog.

Ways to Monetize your Blog

Monetize your Blog

Before discussing ways to monetize your blog, there are many different ways to monetize your blog but you have to choose the way that best fit to you blog niche.

1. Sell Ebooks

Monetize your Blog

Ebooks are the most common way that bloggers use to monetize their blog because eBook is a digital product so they can be sold for a low price and it is also easier for the customer to buy them as they are low priced and can be downloaded easily.

Selling eBooks is a great way to find out that your readers are interested in your content enough to spend their money. If the eBooks are selling then you know your visitors are interested in the content that you are posting in your blog.

How to Make eBooks

You can write the eBook yourself but if you don’t have time then you can hire a writer who will write it for you. Cost can vary depending on the writer, a beginner writer will charge you less, and an experienced writer will charge you more.

You can make covers of your eBook from free tools like Canva and photoshop or you can hire a designer from Fiverr or 99designs to make your eBook.

Where to Sell your Ebooks

You can sell your eBook on your own blogs which will be more profitable as you will get to keep 100% profit. You can make a download section on your website where you can upload your eBooks and people can buy them.

You can also sell your eBooks on Amazon Kindle but you will only get to keep 70% of your profit. Amazon Kindle is a great platform to sell as you will get more exposer and more exposure means more sales.

2. Create and Sell Online Courses

Monetize your Blog

Many bloggers create their own course and it is a great way to make money blogging, the only thing that stopping some people to create their own course is that they think they need to be some sort of expert in the field, it’s not true you just need to know more than the people you are teaching.

You don’t need to be a professional painter to make a course, if you know how to paint then there is no reason to not take a course. Creating a course is one of the best ways to make money blogging.

More and more people are taking online course nowadays, e-learning industry is expected to become $325 Billion by 2025.

Where to Host your Course

You can also host your course on your own website which is a big advantage as you will get 100% profits to keep but if you like to host on third-party platforms then there are many platforms like Podia, teachable and kajabi.

3. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Monetize your Blog

You will not see any blog that has a topic How to Monetize your Blog without mentioning Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the best ways to monetize your blog, almost all bloggers use affiliate marketing.

With affiliate marketing, you promote other people’s products/services and get your commission for every sale or every lead you bring them. Affiliate Marketing is a win-win situation, you choose a great product to promote and bring a sale, you get your commission win for you, win for company and customer gets a great product that they need win for them. Everybody is happy at the end.

Affiliate Marketers are like digital salespeople, they bring sales to the company and get a commission for their sales but in affiliate marketing, it all done online.

You need three things for Affiliate Marketing

4. Start a Coaching/Consulting Business

Monetize your Blog

If you are learning something then there are always some situation where you get stuck and no eBook or course cover it that’s why many people consider one on one mentorship. Start a Coaching/Consulting is done by many bloggers after they are done with selling eBooks and want to have extra income. Coaching/Consulting is one of the best ways to Monetize your Blog.

It doesn’t matter how much traffic you are getting, if you are consulting then the only thing you need is the right audience that is looking for one on one coaching on the topics you are writing. To get more clients to start writing on the that your audience wants, start to add more and more value, at the end tell them you also provide one-on-one mentorship.

The earning potential is very good here as you get to keep all your profits and after some experience, you can charge your clients by hour basic.

5. Display Advertising

As many people say that display ads are a bad way to monetize your blog as you cannot make a decent amount of money from it but there is a reason why display ads are still popular because they are the fastest way to monetize your blog.

Many bloggers do not know other ways to monetize their blogs but until they do they start with Google AdSense, which is a great way to start(Something is better than nothing). It’s not even bad if you are getting a decent amount of traffic every month you can make a steady income from display ads.

If you are using WordPress then there is a great plugin Ad Inserter that will help you place your ads correctly on the website and it is beneficial to use a plugin to place ads on your website if you want to make your life easy.

So, here we go these are some of the best ways to monetize your blog, you can choose to do all of these methods but I will recommend that start with one and apply it after that move on to the next one. Now it’s your turn to tell which method you like the most or which method you are already using.

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