Nowadays every blogger or marketer out there is struggling with one of the biggest problems, Which is the High Ticket Affiliate Program? So, that they can earn more. Here is your one-stop article where you can get the Ultimate List Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs.

There are many different types of affiliate programs out there but not all the affiliate programs are high ticket affiliate programs, if you are in the affiliate marketing industry for quite some time then you probably know some of the low/medium ticket affiliate programs.

Often affiliate marketer goes through a lot of trouble to convert a customer and make a sale but because of some low ticket affiliate product, they did not get enough to call a profit.

Difference Between Low Ticket and High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Ultimate List Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

When you decide to promote high ticket products then you make more money with every sale you make and when you promote low ticket products then you need to constantly worry about the new traffic so that you can make more sale and keep making profits but with ‘high ticket’ you can sell less products but still earn more profits.

For Example:

If you send 1000 visitors to a $100 offer with 40% commission and the conversion rate of the traffic of your website is 20% then,

1000%20= 200$100%40= $40$40 X 200= $8000

and if you send 100 visitors to a $1000 offer with 40% commission and the conversion rate of the traffic of your website is 20% then,

100%20= 20$1000%40= $400$400 X 20= $8000

In both cases, the profit you gain is equal to $8000 but the traffic you have to send is very less in High Ticket Affiliate Programs, So which offer you will promote? Obviously, High Ticket then here is:

List Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

1. SEMRush (Research Service)

Ultimate List Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

If you are a digital marketer or a affiliate marketer than you probably know about SEMRush. It is one of the most essential tools for a marketer. SEMRush is also one of the best high ticket affiliate programs out there.

This tool is almost good for everything content analysis, keyword research, backlinks and paid ad research, it can do everything that a marketer dream of.

SEMRush gives 40% commission on every sale you make that is on a recurring basis, $10 for every new trial activation, and $0.01 for every new registration. You can even withdraw your commission twice a month.

Proven Strategies to Drive Huge Traffic to your High Ticket Affiliate Program

2. BlueHost

Ultimate List Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

Bluehost is a hosting provider even one of the best in the market. Bluehost is the best hosting service you want to become an affiliate for is because it gives you a payout of $65 for each customer you bring in.

Bluehost is a big company with over 700+ employees all over the world with amazing customer support. They are easy to promote because they provide unlimited bandwidth with every plan, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee to their customers which helps in conversion rate.

The only downside is that you have to wait 45 days after the sale so that the commission get confirmed after that you can get your payout. They transfer your money directly to your PayPal account or if you are making over $10K then you get the option for wire transfer.

The reason why you should promote Bluehost because the more you bring them sales they increase your commission from $65 to $75, $90, and $120 per sale depending on how long you are bringing them sales. You still get paid if a customer buys their smallest package $2.95 per month you still get a fixed $65 commission.

Bluehost Services

3. Life Fitness (Fitness)

Life Fitness manufactures fitness equipment and provide them to business owners and in homes all over the world. You have seen all types of fitness equipment in the gym and probably a thought occurs in your mind that who would buy this for their personal use, the answer is a lot of people.

If you have never sell a fitness equipment on a commission before, I recommend you should try it. This company is in the market for more than 45 years and they are only growing.

To become their affiliate you just need to find those people who want their own fitness equipment rather than paying monthly fees to a gym.

Their commission rate is 8% which sounds very less but with $3000 product, Life Fitness becomes High Ticket Affiliate Program.

Proven Strategies to Drive Huge Traffic to your High Ticket Affiliate Program

4. AWeber

Ultimate List Of High Ticket Affiliate Programs

For businesses keeping in touch with their customers is one of the biggest challenges they have to deal with, AWeber makes it simpler by using their email marketing software, businesses can keep in touch with their customers and send them emails about upcoming/ongoing offers on their products.

They offer lot of unique features like articles, sales notices, email marketing templates, and a customer referral newsletter which helps the companies a lot before starting their marketing campaigns.

AWeber is on the top for email marketing software so, you don’t need to convince anyone to purchase their services. They also provide a free package where you can manage 500 subscribers.

Even they have unbelievable long 365 days cookie duration so, if someone clicks on your affiliate link on 1 January 2021 then if they decide to get the AWeber services on 29 December 2021 then also you will get your commission. AWeber give you 30% recurring commission by monthly basic which makes AWeber an High Ticket Affiliate Program in long run.


5. OptinMonster

The company is one of the best lead generation software in the market. Online marketers loves this type of platform but making profits from it can be a little slow because customer who buys these types of software, they like to do their research.

So, try to use some real life case studies to show them which surely helps you convert them easily.

OptinMonster provides great services like lightbox popups, floating bars, slide-in scroll trigger boxes, sidebar forms, after post and in-line forms while giving you the ability to A/B test, add page-level targeting, and so much more. The OptinMonster gives 20% commission on every sale you make.

Proven Strategies to Drive Huge Traffic to your High Ticket Affiliate Program

Final Words

All of these are High Ticket affiliate Programs which can make you earn more than other affiliate offers. But don’t do the mistake to go for all of them at once, choose one high ticket affiliate program from the above and promote it for a while, keep all the focus on one product until you start making enough sales then, you can move on to other offers.

Now Tell me in the comment which offer you like the most and thinking to move along with. I will love to hear from you guys.

Thanks for reading the article, we publish this type of content everyday so, try to stop by for more content like this.

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